Bytes Translating

This is what's next...all of the magic I'm performing on the extracted timing text data, to turn it into bytes.  It's literally thousands of lines of code, all written in LotusScript (because that's just what I know best, even though it's not a common language today)

I'm going to slowly go through each of stages of programs that have made this transformation into the real bytes.  Here are the main steps I've divided it into:

Stage   1 - Capture Magnetic Flux Transition Data Pulses to .logicdata file

Stage   2 - Export .logicdata to .csv

Stage   3 - Run "Decoding to Data Block Strings" program

Stage   4 - Run "Decoding Data Block Strings to HEX" program

Stage   5 - Run "CRC Calculator" program

Stage   6 - Run "Data Blocks Counter" program

Stage   7 - Open ...File00.txt & copy, then paste into any Hex Editor

Stage   8 - Search for text "|||" and find filemarks and bad blocks

Stage   9 - Manually split out individual files between filemarks

Stage 10 - Manually repair any bad blocks with these assistance programs:

                a)   Run Block Repair Step 1 

                b)   Run Block Repair Step 2 

                c)   Use lots of logic & thought, pattern recognition.  A very subjective process.

                d)   Run "CRC Checker - Single File" program to check your work against the CRC

                e)   Insert/replace repaired block & save final file.

                f)   Identify missing blocks if the format has inter-block-gaps.  Then use any of the 
                     above methods to repair them. 

All Details (& eventually CODE) is Coming SOON!  (It's a lot of work to document this stuff, almost as much as it was to create and develop it)

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