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  1. This is great! Would you ever convert old tapes to a modern backup? As like a service? Thank you!

  2. Found one of your videos on YouTube.....
    Many MANY years ago I had access to a Convergent Server.
    I am not at all sure of the model # or name....
    But it used DC-6150 tapes, and Maxtor XT-8760 (760MB) hard drives. As I remember the server it stood almost 3' tall and about 2' wide maybe 2 1/2 or 3' deep. It was a terminal server serving many VT420 displays. I have a few Hard Drives and tapes that I am trying to explore they were used on the CT unit. The first HD I mounted (under Linux) appears to have been running Linux itself?? I thought Convergent ran a proprietary Unix?
    Another question, on my first try at reading the old tape I discovered the captain had turned to goo. Do you know of a source for replacement capstan tyres I saw your suggestion for Terry's Rubber Rollers and might go that route.....
    Any chance you would know the dimensions of a new tyre, e-bay might have options?
    Thanks for any info you might share....
    ALSO loved you video on boiling the tension band....
    Helped me in putting the old tape back together after trying to clean off the goo.

  3. Trying to figure out how to potentially get a bunch of QIC 80 tapes into a modern computer? Any thoughts??